Learn about the Foundation

Mission Statement
The Deer Creek Schools Foundation promotes and funds the academic and artistic achievement of all students and teachers of Deer Creek Public Schools.

The Deer Creek Schools Foundation prepares each Deer Creek Public School student for life’s future challenges in a global-based economy.

Core Values

We impact the academic success of every Deer Creek student.
We value creative and innovative education.
We value the stewardship of the contributions the foundation receives.
We value education as the means to every child’s potential and goals
We value being different from other public school districts.
We value participation from all Deer Creek School District stakeholders.
We value a culture of excellence.
We value the positive impact teachers have on students.
Financial growth is critical to our success; we value the patrons of Deer Creek Schools.
We value leadership.

DCSF History

In 1980 a group of Deer Creek patrons felt there was the need for private financial support of the Deer Creek School district. This was partly in response to the lack of any significant commercial/industrial tax base within the school system. This resulted in the formation of the Deer Creek Schools Foundation.

Since that time, the foundation’s primary mission has been to fund special academic projects from Deer Creek teachers that were submitted for approval to the Foundation. Fund raising has always been the primary mission of the DCSF. This has been accomplished primarily by solicitation of Deer Creek patrons for tax deductible contributions.

2020-2021 Officers

President – Jennifer Elliott
Vice President – Barry Cunningham
Secretary – Robbyn Benn
Treasurer – Travis Koch

Past President – Kyle Schulz


Robbyn Benn
Barry Cunningham
Jennifer Elliott
Gerald Elrod
Paul Gebb
Chris James
Aaron Penix
Kyle Schulz
Natalie Taylor
Jack Wheeler
Jason Zaloudik
Shantel Johnson
Travis Koch

Dr. Danny Barnes (School Board Representative)
Dr. Jason Perez (Deer Creek School District Superintendent as district representative)

Executive Committee
Comprised of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Deals with the day to day operation of the DCSF.

Board Development Committee
Composed of various executive committee members and trustees. Its focus is on trustee recruitment, evaluation, and general governance of the foundation.

Grant Committee
Composed of trustees and non-trustee volunteers. This committee is crucial in identifying areas of acadmic need within the district, interfacing with school officials , reviewing teacher grant requests, and monitoring the grant implementation.

Public Relations Committee
Composed of trustees and non trustee volunteers. This committee deals with all public relations aspects of the DCSF. Organization of speakers for back to school nights, maintenance of the web site, press releases, are just a few of this important committee’s tasks.

Fundraising Committee
Comprised of trustees and non-trustee volunteers. The fundraising committee oversees all aspects of every fundraising activity of the foundation.

Golf Committee
Comprised and trustees and non-trustee volunteers. This committee handles all aspects of our annual golf tournament help in the spring.

Awards Reception Committee
Comprises of trustees and non-trustee volunteers. This committees job is to plan and execute the DCSF’s annual academic awards ceremony.

Scholarship Committee
Comprised of trustees and non-trustee volunteers. The scholarship committee reviews scholarship applications for the 5 scholarships offered by the DCSF.


The backbone of the enrichment foundation is the trustees. These trustees represent a diverse group of Deer Creek parents who have demonstrated a commitment to the DCSF.

The governing power of the organization rests with all the trustees who are voting members. From the board of trustees, the executive committee is elected. The president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary make up the executive committee. The executive committee is responsible for the ultimate leadership of the DCSF and its day-to-day function.

The DCSF functions under a comprehensive and strict set of bylaws that are carefully followed.

Oklahoma City Community Foundation

After the DCSF was formed, it was determined that the endowment required professional investment management. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation was chosen to manage the foundation’s investments.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation is a local, very well respected, non-profit, public charity that specializes in the investment management of nonprofit endowments. Our association with the Oklahoma City Community foundation allows us the have expert investment management by the nations’ 16th largest community foundation.

The Oklahoma City Community foundation has literally hundreds of millions of dollars in assets in hundreds of different endowments. The expenses charged by the OKC community foundation for investment management is minimal compared to the benefits we receive from this locally operated, highly respected organization. The annual disbursement from the OKC Community foundation to the DCSF is calculated by averaging the total value of the DCSF investments for each of the past 12 quarters and disbursing 5 percent of that value each year. The amount of this disbursement combined with the contributions we receive that year from patron donations are used to fund the teacher grants and other activities.